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Reaction Role Configuration

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Skyyo Bot Configuration

Welcome to Skyyo Bot Reaction Roles Configuration!

  • Firstly decide what Emojis and Roles you wanna setup!
    • Please note, Custom emojis can not be used! Only default Discord emojis!
  • The Skyyo Bot role MUST have Administrator permissions and be the top role in your roles in order for Reaction Roles to operate!
  • And make sure that the channel of which you want to have the reaction role has "Add Reactions" denied.

  • Now, run the command !rr [emoji] [role]
    • For emoji, just select any default Discord emoji you would like!
    • For role, type "@" and ping the role you want to use.
  • This will create a new message, and add a reaction to the message, clicking it will add and remove the role that you chose!!

  • If you want to delete all reaction roles do !rr reset, you will have to delete the messages manually!