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Skyyo Discord Bot, a Community Discord bot! Add to Discord


    8ball [question]

    • 8ball Command


    • Get some helpful advice!

    ahug [user]

    • Hug a user! and display a Anime hugging gif!

    apat [user]

    • Pat a user on the head! and display a Anime hugging gif!

    avatar [user]

    • Get someone avatar

    bang [user] [type]

    • NSFW Command - Yiff
    • Bang someone!

    bap [user]

    • Bap someone!

    binary [message]

    • Encode a message to binary

    bisexual [count]

    • NSFW Command - Yiff
    • Display a image of Bisexual Yiff


    • Blep!


    • Blush SFW action command

    boob [count]

    • NSFW Command - Yiff
    • Display a image of boob Yiff

    boop [user]

    • Boop SFW action command

    bound [gender] [user]

    • NSFW Command - Yiff
    • Bound someone

    buldge [user]

    • NSFW Command - Yiff
    • Show your "buldge" to someone

    bunny [count]

    • Receive a cute bunny image!

    cheese [count]

    • Receive a image of cheese!

    clear [count]

    • Delete "x" amount of messages
    • Permission: Manage Messages

    cmdchannel [reset]

    cmddisable [command]

    • You can now Disable any command you want! Disabling the command will stop everyone in your Discord server from using the command!
    • Permission: Manage Channels


    • Flip a coin!

    command [create/delete] [command] [text]

    • Create custom text response commands!
    • Permission: Manage Guild


    • Set a channel for users to count in and Skyyo bot will enforce the counting!
    • Permission: Manage Guild


    • Cry action command

    cuddle [user]

    • Cuddle action command

    deer [count]]

    • Receive an image of a cute deer!

    dick [count]]

    • NSFW Command - Yiff
    • Display a image of dick Yiff

    divorce [user]

    • Divorce a user you are married to

    dodge [count]

    • Receive a cute image of a shiba!


    • Get our patreon link!


    • NSFW Command - Yiff
    • Display a image of double penetration Yiff


    • View the current price of Ethereum


    • NSFW Command - Yiff
    • Display a image of femboy Yiff


    • NSFW Command - Yiff
    • Display a image of femboy presentation Yiff

    finger [user]

    • NSFW Command - Yiff
    • Finger a user

    fox [count]

    • Receive a cute picture of a fox!

    fpresent [count]

    • NSFW Command - Yiff
    • Display a image of female presentation Yiff

    furry [count]

    • Receive some cute SFW furry art!

    gay [count]

    • NSFW Command - Yiff
    • Display a image of gay Yiff

    gif [count]

    • NSFW Command - Yiff
    • Display a Yiff gif

    goat [count]

    • Receive a cute goat image!


    • Tells you how many guilds Skyyo Bot is currently in!


    • Gives you a link to this page!

    hold [user]

    • Hold action command

    horse [count]

    • Receive a horse image!

    hug [user]

    • Hug action command

    husky [count]

    • Receive a cute husky image!


    • Get a link to invite Skyyo to your Discord!!


    • Make Skyyo auto give roles to new members!
    • Permission: Manage Guild


    • Receive a random joke!


    • Get a random joking hazard comic made popular by YouTube shorts! (NSFW)

    kiss [user]

    • kiss action command


    • Leaderboard for Skyyo Levels

    lesbian [count]

    • NSFW Command - Yiff
    • Display a image of lesbian Yiff

    level [user]

    • Display your current XP and Level in Skyyo Levels!

    levels help[

    • Configuration Command for Skyyo Levels
    • Permission: Manage Guild

    lick [user]

    • lick action command

    lion [count]

    • Receive a cute lion image!

    logs [enable/disable] [feature]

    marry [user]

    • Marry another user!

    masterbate [gender]

    • NSFW Command - Yiff
    • Masterbate action command NSFW

    maw [count]

    • Receive a maw image! (Furry Mouth/Jaw)

    meow [count]

    • Receive a cute cat image

    mpresent [count]

    • NSFW Command - Yiff
    • Display a image of male presenting Yiff

    nature [count]

    • Receive a image of beautiful mother nature!

    nboop [user]

    • NSFW Command - Yiff
    • Lewd boop action command

    ncuddle [user]

    • NSFW Command - Yiff
    • Lewd cuddle action command

    neko [count]

    • Receive a cute neko image!

    nhold [user]

    • NSFW Command - Yiff
    • Lewd hold action command

    nhug [user]

    • NSFW Command - Yiff
    • Lewd hug action command

    nkiss [user]

    • NSFW Command - Yiff
    • Lewd kiss action command

    nlick [user]

    • NSFW Command - Yiff
    • Lewd lick action command

    nneko [count]

    • NSFW Command - Hentai
    • Display a image of neko Hentai

    npokemon [count]

    • NSFW Command - Yiff
    • Display a image of pokemon Yiff


    • Toggle a channel from being SFW/NSFW
    • Permission: Manage Channels

    nuzzle [user]

    • Nuzzle action command

    panda [count]

    • Awwe Cute Pandas!

    pat [user]

    • Pat action command

    pawbs [count]

    • Receive a some furry beans!

    pawjob [count]

    • NSFW Command - Yiff
    • Display a image of paw Yiff

    petplay [count]

    • NSFW Command - Yiff
    • Display a image of petplay Yiff

    pig [count]

    • Display a cute pig image!


    • Check the bots ping!


    • Display a aircraft image!


    • Display a pokemon image!

    poll [question]

    • Post a poll for your users to vote yes or no to!
    • Permission: Manage Messages

    present [gender] [user]

    • NSFW Command - Yiff
    • Present yourself to someone, action command

    profile [user]

    • View someone profile!


    • Profile related commands help page

    protogen [count]

    • NSFW Command - Yiff
    • Display a image of protogen Yiff

    pussy [count]

    • NSFW Command - Yiff
    • Display a image of pussy Yiff

    pussyeat [user]

    • NSFW Command - Yiff
    • Pussy Eat action command

    reportbug [bug in detail]

    • Report any and all bugs with Skyyo Bot!


    • Remove your bio!

    ride [user]

    • NSFW Command - Yiff
    • Ride someone, action command


    rpanda [count]

    • Get a cute red panda image!

    rr [emoji] [role]

    seduce [gender] [user]

    • NSFW Command - Yiff
    • Seduce a user, NSFW action command


    • Get some cool info about your Discord server!
    • Permission: Manage Guild


    • Set a custom bio for your profile


    • Set a channel to receive important Skyyo bot updates
    • Permission: Manage Guild


    • Sets the bot log channel!
    • Permission: Manage Guild

    setcolor [green||red||blue||black||purple||cyan||white||gray||grey||lime||orange||lightblue||forest||darkgreen||brown||yellow]

    • Set a custom color for your profile!

    setimage [url]

    • Set a custom image for your profile!

    setnick [user] [nickname]

    • Set a user's nickname!
    • Permission: Manage Nicknames

    setprefix [prefix]

    • Please see logs!
    • Permission: Manage Guild


    • If you have a Suggestions channel, and want all messages posted in the channel to have a tick and cross added to them run!
    • Permission: Manage Guild

    snek [count]

    • Display an image of snek

    snep [count]

    • Display an image of snep

    solo [count]

    • NSFW Command - Yiff
    • Display a yiff solo

    spank [user]

    • NSFW Command - Yiff
    • Spank action command NSFW

    suck [user]

    • NSFW Command - Yiff
    • Suck action command NSFW

    suggest [suggestion]

    • Suggest a feature to be added to Skyyo Bot!

    suggestjoke [joke]

    • Suggest a joke for !joke


    • Sends an invite to our support server!


    • Sends system specs information!

    tease [user]

    • NSFW Command - Yiff
    • Tease action command NSFW

    tiger [count]

    • Display an image of a tiger!

    toys [count]

    • NSFW Command - Yiff
    • Display an image of toys Yiff

    trap [count]

    • NSFW Command - Yiff
    • Display an image of trap Yiff

    turkey [count]

    • Display an image of a turkey!

    turtle [count]

    • Display an image of a turtle!

    unbinary [binary]

    • Translate binary into text!

    user [user]

    • Displays information about a user!

    vore [count]

    • NSFW Command - Yiff
    • Display an image of vore Yiff

    welcomemessage help

    • Setup leave and join messages for your server!
    • Permission: Manage Guild

    wolf [count]

    • Display an image of a wolf!

    yeen [count]

    • Display an image of a hyena!