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Skyyo Bot Setup

Welcome to Skyyo bot setup!

  • Firstly Invite Skyyo to your Discord server here!
  • Make sure Skyyo has all the perms needed to operate! By default Skyyo is given Administrator, Removing permissions from Skyyo may cause errors.
  • Next, lets setup the channels for Skyyo!
    • First, set a Skyyo Bot announcements channel, This should be a private channel only staff can access, rarely will anything be posted, but some major updates or planned downtime will be!
      • Do "!sba" in the channel you wish to set to the bot announcements channel.
    • Now we can setup the optional channels!
    • If you want logs from Skyyo bot, go to your logging channel and do the follow command
      • !sbl
    • If you have a Suggestions channel, and want all messages posted in the channel to have a tick and cross added to them run
      • !ssc
  • If you want to setup Reaction Roles, click here!
  • Now! Lets Enable and Disable features on your server!
    • Starting with logs
      • We can Enable and Disable logs with the follow command
      • !logs [enable/disable] [feature]
      • Available logs features are here!
      • By default, all logs are Enabled
    • You can limit which channels users are able to use commands in!
    • You can also limit which commands users are able to use!
    • Next lets do levels!
      • Levels are Disabled by default
      • To Enable or Disable do !levels [enable/disable]
      • A full description of levels is available here!
      • Levels allows your members to earn XP for chatting!
    • Last but not least, the prefix!
      • By default the prefix is "!"
      • To set your own prefix do !setprefix [prefix]
      • Than all commands will use the prefix you set
      • If you somehow lose the prefix or it does not seem to work, please contact support to have us reset it!