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We have over 200 commands!

Prefix and Command Usage

You can use !setprefix to set the prefix.

Do not put <> and [] into your commands!
<> is required, [] is options Arguments.

All Roleplay commands are furry unless specifically stated otherwise!


  • 8ball <question> Use an 8Ball to read your future!
  • advice Get some random piece of advice for life!
  • avatar <user> Get someones avatar
  • binary <text> Encode something into binary!
  • coinflip Flip a coin!
  • donate Get Skyyo's Patreon Link!
  • ethereum Get the price of Ethereum
  • guilds Get the amount of guilds Skyyo Bot manages!
  • joke Get a joke suggested by a user!
  • ping Get Skyyo Bots Ping!
  • profile [user] View a profile!
  • profilecustomization Profile help page
  • resetbio Remove your bio!
  • setbio <bio> Set your bio!
  • setcolor <color> Set a color for your profile!
  • setimage <url> Set a image for your profile!
  • suggest <suggestion> Make a suggestion for Skyyo Bot
  • suggestjoke <joke> Make a joke suggestion for Skyyo Bot
  • system view Skyyo Bot's system specs!
  • unbinary <binary> Decode something from binary!
  • jh Joking Hazard Joke Generator!


  • ahug <user> Give Someone a hug! (displays a anime hugging gif)
  • apat <user> Give Someone a pat on the head! (displays a anime patting gif)
  • bap <user> Bap someone playfully!
  • blep Blep!
  • blush Blush at something!!
  • boop <user> Boop someones snoot!
  • cry cry :'(
  • cuddle <user> Cuwwle someone!
  • divorce <user> Divorce someone ur married to
  • hold <user> Hold someone and keep them safe!
  • hug <user> Huggies!
  • kiss <user> Give someone kisses!
  • lick <user> *lick*
  • marry <user> Marry someone!
  • nuzzle <user> Nuzzle someone!
  • pat <user> Give someone some pats on the head!


  • aircraft [count] Get plane and helicopter pictures!
  • bunny [count] Get an image of a cute little bunny!
  • cheese [count] Cheese
  • deer [count] Get a image of some deer!
  • dodge [count] Get some cute dodges(shiba)!
  • fox [count] Floofs!!
  • furry [count] Get some random image of furries!
  • goat [count] Baaaah
  • horse [count] Get some horse pictures!
  • husky [count] Get some husky pictures!
  • lion [count] Rawr! Get some pictures of lions!
  • maw [count] Furry mouths!
  • meow [count] Awwe Some cute cat images!
  • nature [count] Beautiful nature!
  • neko [count] Catgirls!
  • panda [count] Get some cute panda pics!
  • pawbs [count] Furry Beans!
  • pig [count] Oink Oink Images!
  • pokemon [count] Gotta Catch em all!
  • redpanda [count] Some cute red pandas!
  • snek [count] Sneks!
  • snep [count] Get some images of Snowleopards!
  • tiger [count] Get some images of tigers!
  • turkey [count] Gobble Gobble images!
  • trutle [count] Save the turtles!
  • wolf [count] Howlers!
  • yeen [count] Hyena pics!


  • leaderboard Get the levels leaderboard for the server
  • level View your level and EXP for the server!
  • levels Admin Level Commands


  • clear <amount of message to clear> Delete x amount of message in a channel!
  • logs <enable/disable> <option> Enable/Disable specific logging features.
  • nsfw Toggle a channel from SFW to NSFW
  • setbotlog Set a channel for bot logs to be sent in!
  • setnick <user> <nickname> Set someones nickname!
  • user <user> View some misc info about a user

Utility and Misc Guild Owner Commands

  • block <user> Block someone from using any action commands on!
  • cmdchannel Add or removes the channel you run this command as a command channel, this will restrict all other channels from being able to use commands in!
  • cmddisable Disable a command
  • command <create/delete> <command> Create custom text commands!
  • countingchannel [reset] Setup a counting channel!
  • help Get a link to this page!
  • invite Get a link to invite Skyyo
  • joinrole Setup a role to be given automatically to new users!
  • poll Post a poll for users to vote on! (yes or no)
  • reportbug Report a bug with me to the devs
  • roleprefix See the wiki
  • rr See the wiki
  • serverinfo View some information about your server!
  • sba Set a channel to receive important bot announcements in!
  • setprefix <prefix> Set a custom prefix for the bot to use! Default: !
  • setsuggestionschannel Set a channel for suggestions to be posted in! Skyyo will reaction with a Tick and Cross!
  • supportserver Get a link to our support Discord server
  • unblock <user> Unblock a user you blocked
  • welcomemessages Setup leave/join messages!

NSFW Images

NSFW Channels Only

Yiff Commands!

  • bisexual [count] Display Bisexual images
  • boob [count] Display boob images
  • dick [count] Display dick images
  • dp [count] Display double penetration images
  • femboy [count] Display femboy images
  • femboypresentation [count] Display femboy presentation images
  • fpresent [count] Display female presentation images
  • gay [count] Display gay images
  • gif [count] Display a gif
  • jokinghazard Get a random joking hazard comic made popular by YouTube shorts! (NSFW)
  • lesbian [count] Display lesbian images
  • mpresent [count] Display male presentation images
  • nneko [count] Display NSFW neko images (Hentai)
  • npokemon [count] Display NSFW pokemon images
  • pawjob [count] Display NSFW paw images
  • protogen [count] Display NSFW protogen images
  • pussy [count] Display coochie images
  • solo [count] Display solo session images
  • toys [count] Display lewd toys in use images
  • trap [count] Display trap images
  • vore [count] Display vore images

NSFW Roleplay

NSFW Channels Only

Yiff Commands!

  • bang <user> [type] Bang someone!
  • bound <gender> <user> Bound someone!
  • bulge <user> Display your happiness to someone
  • finger <user> Finger someone
  • masterbate <gender> Masterbate
  • nboop <user> Lewdly Boop Someone
  • ncuddle <user> Lewdly Cuddle Someone
  • nhold <user> Lewdly hold Someone
  • nhug <user> Lewdly hug Someone
  • nkiss <user> Lewdly kiss Someone
  • present <gender> <user> Present your bits and bobs to someone!
  • pussyeat <user> Eat Someone out
  • ride <user> Ride someone owo
  • seduce <gender> <user> Seduce someone!
  • spank <user> Spank someone UWU!
  • suck <user> Suck someone off!
  • tease <gender> <user> Tease someone hehe